FIdico-LightSpeed Knight

The FIDICO Lightspeed KNIGHT is a powerful and fast electric scooter. It has a 72V battery and dual motors that deliver up to 10,000W of power. This PEV also features hydraulic disc brakes, an electronic brake, and wide 13-inch city inflatable tires. With its sleek and robust aircraft grade aluminum frame, this beauty can unleash her beast thrusting you into the next dimension at Warp Speed! You can find this and other premium scooters here at Warp Speed Scooters!

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Agile, Quick and Beautiful best describes the JOYOR S10S! This super scooter has a quality build with an inter-grated rubber deck and dual axial suspension. The JOYOR can get you to where you need to go in a hurry with a top speed of 40mph and stop even faster with ZOOM hydraulic disk breaks. This beauty comes with all terrain tires for comfort on road and a little grip for some off road action. With cruse control as a standard feature you can enjoy long rides with close to 40 miles per charge!

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